LE VIN DU MOIS7月のおすすめワイン

Recommended Wine for July ; Saumur cuvee Les Cormiers blanc 2009 Chateau de Villeneuve ¥1,400 per glass Founded in 1577, this winemaker has a long history in the Loire valley. The Chenin blanc grapes characteristic of this region have a rich fruit flavor with the fragrance of apricots and a smooth, mellow feeling. Yet, this wine has a slightly different taste. Beginning as a fruity white wine, it is transformed into a robust dry white through fermentation in oak barrels. This robust feeling is presented while still preserving its fruity aroma. The shellfish in this month’s recommended dishes have a natural, gentle sweetness. This robust white wine with its rich […]



Poached European lobster and fondant fennel \4,200 (This can also be ordered as the main dish for the pre-fixed menu for an additional 1,200 yen.) he king of seafood, European lobster, finally makes an appearance on our menu. Poached in court-bouillon, the lobster has a firm texture and a unique umami flavor that is both gentle and robust.Essential to the cuisine of Southern France, fennel goes well with seafood and further draws out the delicious flavors of the lobster. The fennel is prepared in different forms to allow you to enjoy three different textures: a tender fondant cooked in chicken stock and olive oil, a purée condensing nutrients and sweetness, […]

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