Les Classiques de Benoit Parisクラシック・ド・ブノワ・パリ


Burgundy snails in their shell, garlic butter and fresh herbs
Prix fixe menu for an additional ¥800 (Exclusive of tax)
Escargot butter flavored with garlic and herbs is essential to oven-baked escargot, a popular menu item at Benoit Paris. Of course, since escargot also pairs nicely with bread, we recommend dipping it into the butter for the fullest enjoyment.


Pig’s head, steamed potatoes, ravigote sauce
Prix fixe menu for an additional ¥1,000 (Exclusive of tax)
A classic bistrot offering, simmered meat from the head of the pig (cheek, tongue, ears) almost melts in your mouth. Served with boiled potatoes and a lightly acidic ravigote sauce.


Chocolate/caramel Benoit, milk ice-cream
A seductive dessert of chocolate cream using 70% cacao and caramel cream together with a crispy layer interwoven with chocolate ganache. The light texture of milk and salt ice cream provides a perfect harmony for the rich chocolate flavors.

© L’Esprit Bistrot, Auteur : Alain Ducasse, Photographe : Pierre Monetta

LE VIN DU MOIS7月のおすすめワイン


2015 Côtes de Provence Rosé 281 Château Minuty
¥2,000 par glass, tax and service charge are not included

Renowned Château Minuty in Provence specializes in rosé. Their masterpiece is “281,” named after the Pantone number corresponding to the striking indigo blue color used on the bottle. The wine is characterized by an intense minerality and a complex aroma of peach, apricot, and melon. Rosé is often thought to be a light wine, but 281 remains elegant while having sturdy volume. We invite you to try this wine, a pinnacle of French rosé.


Glass ¥850〜
Bottle ¥3,500〜