J’aime la France, the Loireジェーム・ラ・フランス ロワール地方


Entitled “Alain Ducasse’s Delicious Tour of France”, the “J’aime la France” celebrates it’s third year introducing the local cuisine, ingredients, wines, cheeses, and desserts from different regions of France. In order to have even more guests enjoy the flavors of 3 French regions, the Loire in May, the Alsace in November and the Bordeaux in February in 2018, we will offer a taste of the region throughout the month.


May’s theme is the Loire region. Flowing east to west in central France, the large Loire river basin features a mild climate and rich nature. It is a beautiful region where royalty and nobility, prosperous and powerful in the Middle Ages and Renaissance period, built castles one after another. Also known as the “Garden of France,” this Loire Valley is dotted with fine castles and is registered as a World Heritage site. A rich variety of ingredients including vegetables, fruits, gibier (game meat), mushrooms, freshwater fish, and goat cheeses fused together with the sophisticated cultures of the nobility, resulting in the nurturing of a diverse gastronomic culture. This is characterized by many local dishes that feature white sauces made with white wine, butter, and cream.


The spring white asparagus of the Loire Valley region are not to be missed. Delicate and juicy with a gentle sweetness, this asparagus was a favorite of the Sun King, Louis XIV, who renovated “Château de Chambord,” the largest castle of the Loire Valley. He ordered the gardener to have a vegetable garden built so that he could eat the asparagus all year round. And from this cultivation methods were developed.

We offer a course menu to experience the flavors of Loire for ¥8,500 (tax, service charge not included). It is also possible to choose one dish from this course menu and order via the prix fixe menu. Because we use special ingredients, we ask that you tell us of your preferences when you make your reservation.

Salade de MOGETTES, truite en aigre-doux
A mogette bean salad with marinated Benifuji trout (additional prix fixe menu charge +¥800)
A simple salad with white kidney beans, which are mogette beans cultivated in Vendée on the Atlantic Ocean. They are IGP-certified, an origin designation given to excellent products from various parts of France. To this, we match the flash broiled Benifuji trout, nurtured by the subterranean waters of Mt. Fuji. The refreshing and clean umami flavors of the freshwater fish and the sweetness of the beans are exquisite.

Chaudrée vendéenne, asperges blanches servies tièdes
Seafood chowder and white asparagus from Loire (additional prix fixe menu charge +¥1000)
Bouillabaisse comes to mind when one thinks of seafood dishes from Provence in the south of France. But for Vendée in the Loire region, chaudrée (chowder) is the signature seafood dish. This traditional dish began with fishermen inventing it to enjoy fish too small to be suitable for sale. The sauce, with umami flavors from the fish and Loire white wine, is made richer with butter. This further brings out the flavors of fish and shrimp.
Enjoy together with the special spring white asparagus from the Loire region.

Fricassée de PINTADE à l’Angevine
Anjou-style guinea fowl fricassée (additional prix fixe menu charge +¥1000)
Anjou is the name of the area in the center of the Loire region. Anjou is known as a gastronomic area because the gourmet Curnonsky introduced a variety of traditional dishes, adding “Anjou-style” to the delicious dishes of this area. The guinea fowl is roasted on the bone, and the umami flavors from the bones are drawn out, resulting in a moist and succulent texture. Served with a sauce made with the condensed umami juice from the fowl and white wine and cream from Loire.

Crémet d’Anjou, granité fruits rouges
Crémet d’Anjou with berry granita (additional prix fixe menu charge +¥800)
Crémet d’Anjou is a traditional confection representative of the Anjou region, centered on the town of Angers. Fromage blanc, a delicious fresh cheese with the pleasant acidity of milk, is used lavishly, giving this dessert a beautiful white appearance. It is light and fluffy on the tongue, a dessert unique to the restaurant. Enjoy the refreshing sweetness with the granita and red berry accent.


Recommended Wines
J’aime la France, the Loire Valley wine


The Loire Valley wine region is known for white wines. The rich variety of soils found in the Loire river basin, spanning over 400 kilometers long, create for a diverse range of wines. Nagata, our sommelier, personally traveled the middle and upper areas of the river basin and visited five wineries.
In the upper river basin is the Sauvignon Blanc, which features refreshing aromas and refined flavors. In the middle river basin is the Chenin Blanc, rich in the aromas of citrus and fruit flavors. We will also introduce the delicious Chinon, made with the red Cabernet Franc characteristic of the Loire region.
At our chef sommelier Nagata’s wine seminar, held at dinner on Monday, May 29, he will introduce six varieties of wine with commentaries about the wineries he personally visited. Guests will enjoy meals with the flavors of Loire. Please join us.


2009 Pouilly-Fume Grand Millesime Ladoucette
1,900 JPY par glass, tax and service charge are not included


2015 IGP Attitude Pascal Jolivet
950 JPY par glass, tax and service charge are not included


2006 Crement de Loire Heritage Marc Bredif
1,200 JPY par glass, tax and service charge are not included


2015 Vouvray Classic Marc Bredif
1,200 JPY par glass, tax and service charge are not included


2013 Chinon Clos du Chene Vert Charles Joguet
1,800 JPY par glass, tax and service charge are not included


Glass ¥850〜
Bottle ¥3,500〜