Christmas in Benoitブノワでクリスマス


The special menu from 22nd. to 25th.of December

Menu Diner de NOËL

Lobster and baby leek salad, truffled vinaigrette
Pan-seared escalope of duck foie gras, raw and cooked beetroots
Dieppoise-style fillet of Brittany sole, seasonal vegetables
Seared Wagyu beef entrecôte, potato au gratin, ceps and daube reduction
Yule log our way

¥18,000(Exclusive of tax and service charge)

J’aime la France Alsaceジェーム・ラ・フランス アルザス地方


Entitled “Alain Ducasse’s Delicious Tour of France”, the “J’aime la France” celebrates its’ third year introducing the local cuisine, ingredients, wines, cheeses, and desserts from different regions of France. This November, we will offer a taste of the region Alsace throughout the month.


Located on the border of France and Germany, traces of the German landscape and culture remain in the Alsace region. The charming villages and towns nestled with wood frame houses and surrounded by vineyards seem to come straight from a picture book. Alsatians are known for their artisan spirit, and the region is also famous for the top chefs and pâtissiers who originate from the area.


This month, we have prepared a full-course menu featuring the many tastes of Alsace for 8,500 yen (excluding tax and service charge). It is also possible to select a dish you like from this course and order it as part of the pre-fixe menu. As special ingredients are used, we would appreciate it if you request this menu when making a reservation.

FOIE GRAS confit, pain d’épices, fine gelée de gewurztraminer

Alsace is also known as the region producing some of the best foie gras in France. This foie gras confit is flavored with spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, anise, and cloves, which are also used in pain d’épices, a traditional spiced bread popular in the region. The dish is accented by a gelée of Gewurztraminer, a classic Alsace wine with a unique spicy fragrance.

SAUMON aux amandes
Sautéed salmon served with a butter sauce, rich with almonds. Spätzle is a handmade pasta from the Alsace region made from flour, eggs, and spices. The crunchy aromatic almonds pair superbly with the flavor of juicy salmon.

Choucroute à notre façon
Choucroute (sauerkraut) is a traditional dish that brings out the feeling of Alsace. Salt draws out the natural sugars in cabbage, which is then fermented using the natural lactic acid bacteria found in the air. Adding sausage, bacon, pork confit, and potatoes makes it Alsace style. Not only does the refreshing tartness of choucroute enhance the umami flavors of the juicy meat, it also aids in digestion. We hope you will enjoy it to the fullest.

Forêt Noir
Black Forest cake is a classic Alsatian dessert. Griotte cherry jam and kirsch brandy cream is spread between layers of chocolate cake, which is decorated with shaved chocolate to resemble fallen leaves. The sweet and sour taste of the accompanying griotte cherry sorbet infused with kirsch enhances the rich chocolate flavor.

LE VIN DU MOISおすすめワイン アルザス地方

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The appeal of Alsace wine no doubt lies in its abundant fruit flavor. Alsace is the ideal wine-producing region, with the Vosges Mountains that surround the region shutting out cold winds coming from the sea. It also has the least amount of rainfall in France, is located at a high elevation, and enjoys ample sunlight. Grape varietals include classic Riesling, richly aromatic Gewürztraminer, and Pinot Gris that creates bold wines. Also, Pinot Noir used for the lesser-known red wines of the region is not to be ignored. Alsace wine creates the perfect complement to traditional choucroute dishes, with the gentle fruit flavors of the wine tenderly enveloping the dish’s tartness. Seven kinds of wine will be available by the glass, and we invite you to use this opportunity to enjoy a pairing with food according to your taste. There will also be a wine option for comparing five different kinds of wine by their grape varieties.

The 5 Alsace grape varieties(7cl) ¥5,500
(Muscat/Riesling/Gewürztraminer/Pinot Gris/Pinot Noir)

2014 Crémant d’Alsace • Extra Brut • Albert Mann ¥1,200
2015 Alsace • Gentil • Hugel ¥900
2014 Riesling • Vieilles Vignes  • F.E.Trimbach ¥1,500
2013 Gewürztraminer •Réserve • Weinbach ¥1,400
2015 Muscat • Albert Boxler ¥1,400
2008 Pinot gris • Cuvée des Comtes d’Eguisheim• Léon Beyer ¥2,000
2015 Pinot noir • Clos de Faille • Albert Mann ¥1,600
2009 Pinot noir • Cuvée des Comtes d’Eguisheim • Léon Beyer ¥2,000



Poire Cooler ¥1,000

This non-alcoholic cocktail with pear puree and dry ginger ale is delicious and refreshing, just perfect for Fall.


Glass ¥850〜
Bottle ¥3,500〜