Opened in 2005 in Aoyama, BENOIT is a bistrot produced by Alain Ducasse. The restaurant has the same name and esprit as the ever-popular traditional bistrot in Paris established nearly 100 years ago.

Upon climbing the spiral staircase, a bright dining room enclosed by large glass windows unfolds and you are welcomed by a miniature Eiffel Tower, BENOIT’s symbol, standing on your left.

The materials for the interior décor including the solid oak Versailles parquet flooring, cement lattice in the antique motifs, bistro tables of solid walnut were all procured from France. The pleasant and warm atmosphere is reminiscent of a mansion in southern France.

Moreover, the antique bottles, vintage steel boxes and glazed brownware pottery that serve as accents to the interior were chosen by Alain Ducasse himself at flea markets in France. You may also notice the frescos painted on the ceilings, which bring to mind the skies of Provence.
Please enjoy an atmosphere and taste of Parisian bistrot while basking in warm sunlight or looking over the night view of Aoyama.


One hundred years after opening its doors in Paris in 1912, Benoit remains a warm and cozy restaurant loved by its Parisian customers. The artist and loyal customer Lesage first spoke the words that became the motto of the restaurant: “Chez toi Benoit, on boit, on festoie en rois.” Roughly translated as “Come over to Benoit’s, where you’ll drink and feast like a king,” these words continue to reflect the spirit of Benoit. Since taking over the bistrot in 2005, Alain Ducasse has brought a breath of fresh air to the traditional restaurant, while spreading its esprit to locations in Tokyo and New York.

There is no other place as bistrot-like and as Parisian as Benoit. I have a very special affection for this beautiful establishment, filled with rich history and delicious flavors. Benoit is a friendly place, and the shared pleasure and sense of nostalgia felt there reflect a certain way of life and tradition that will continue throughout the ages.

Alain Ducasse


Executive Chef

Takahiro Noguchi

After working in Domaine de Beauvois in Luynes and Le Choiseul in Amboise, he came back to Tokyo and worked in Chez Matsuo and become the chef. Inspired by the esprit and the cuisine of Alain Ducasse, he started working in Benoit Tokyo as sous-chef since the opening in 2005. He was appointed the chef of Benoit in April 2011.

Restaurant Manager

Takashi Kitahira

Kitahira began working in the service sector at the Hoshino Resort in Karuizawa. At one point, he moved away from client services to work in cultivation at a winery. Since talking to just the grapes eventually became lonely, he once again returned to the service industry. In January 2009, he became a staff member at Benoit.

Chef Sommelier

Yoshinori Nagata

Beginning his career at the Hilton Tokyo Bay hotel, he later furthered his experience at V de Bistrot Vionys and Yakitori et Vin Poussin, owned by top Japanese sommelier Makoto Abe. In April 2011, Nagata was appointed chef sommelier at Benoit.